Meet Amy Ledin


Amy Ledin is the Co-Owner and Operator at Lean Bodies Consulting. has been in the online wellness space for over a decade. Her coaching in this space has led to her passion in helping women build strong personal integrity. Amy is open to having the hard conversations in life that move us forward and raise us to the next level of growth, love, and understanding. She has learned to embrace her vulnerability, sharing the deep stuff that has shaped her. Being a stage 4 cancer survivor, Amy loves sharing her mindset hacks and strategies that helped her through her fight to not just be a survivor, but an overcomer.

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Daily Agreement Cards


Learn to squash the "inner bitch" and become a BOSS with personal integrity!

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The Follow-Through Formula


The course you wish you took much sooner. Teaching YOU how to keep your promises, have an impeccable word with yourself, and build unstoppable confidence.

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The Confidence Collective

More is always better! The 10-week roadmap to your best self, while being surrounding by a group of like-minded females all doing the same. From core-value creation, goal setting, to learning how to change your state, this course is sure to level you up, because we DO IT TOGETHER.

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F* It!

A strategic podcast where Amy Ledin talks about the main F’s that have influenced her life and have helped her in creating her best self. She covers areas in faith, family, forgiveness, food, fitness, and formula. She will deep dive into how placing her baby for adoption at 18, losing almost 100 pounds, facing her marriage-ending affair, and battling stage 4 cancer for almost 7 years, has only made her stronger. Join Amy as she takes you through her story, her life-changing struggles, and shares with you the tactical strategies every single week that will help you thrive and overcome ANYTHING you face.